Review: Ice, by Edward Myers

Seth is the killer. He’s suffering from the blame for the accident that lost him Frannie forever.

Jenna is the sister. She’s dealing with the anger, hate, and torment of seeing Seth live while Frannie is dead. 

Ice is the story of two teenagers, told from alternate perspectives. When Seth decides to join the volunteer EMT team, he’s not sure what he’s looking for. He enjoys the work, and it provides a release from the guilt of Frannie’s death that buries him at school. That is, until Frannie’s sister Jenna joins the team to see what he is up to. Working together doesn’t make anything easier for either of the two, but maybe it’s just what they need. 

Ice, by Edward Myers, started out a little slow and strange. The style is difficult to get used to, but as the pages progress and you get used to switching between perspectives, the story transforms into a smooth, rather bitter-sweet read.  Having served in an EMT team himself, Myers give a unique inside look that is definitely worth reading about and creatively weaved into the plot. The characters are believable and relatable, though Jenna did annoy me somewhat with her stubborn refusal to forgive Seth. But having never been through the situation Jenna encountered, I can’t really say that it isn’t realistic, as it most certainly could be. Seth's emotions, however, are wonderfully described.

I didn’t feel a full resolve at the end, but it leaves room for imagination—so whether the reader will enjoy it or not is up to them and their preferred style. (I liked it, but it annoys the heck out of some people..) Also, there wasn’t a very important climax. I was hoping something really big would happen, but it does make the book more realistic.

Overall, Ice is a quick, worthy read. It’s interesting, and if anyone is thinking about being an EMT, definitely read it. It makes me want to volunteer, and I’d never even considered it before. And now I want to go ice-skating. So, as Myers has written a book that has left me with emotions, interest, and has had an effect on my life, I say thumbs up :)


Rating: 4 Stars

Clean?: Clean

Awards: ForeWord Magazine's Book of the Year


  1. Sounds interesting! I have a friend thinking about being an EMT so I will definitely recommend it to him.

  2. This book sounds quite good.

  3. Can you give me more information on the plot? Like what happens at the end?
    I really did not understand the ending.

    (okay, I don't remember everything, but they work together and save some people, then basically forgive each other... but it was a while ago, so I could have gotten that wrong :\ sorry it didn't make sense!)


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