Tender Morsels: Review

15 year old Liga lives only with her father. She has experienced horrors no girl her age should have to go through. Months and years go by, with circumstances getting worse and worse, until one day her father doesn't return from a trip into town.
Liga, with a baby in her arms and one in her womb, is visited by a "moon-bab" that hands her two gems, red and white.
Liga is sent to a personal heaven with her two daughters, where she spends many years happy and free from pain. Her daughters grow up in this world with her, delighting in the treasures it has to offer. But bit by bit, the seam holding Liga's heaven intact starts to rip, and soon, they may not have a heaven at all.

I can't really decide what to say. Honestly, I can't figure out if I'm just speechless, if I'm not sure whether I like it, or if I can't think of any words because its 12:00 at night.
Liga's journey is heartbreaking. Its terrifying. Its haunting. Its sweet and intoxicating. Tender Morsels is a book unlike any I have ever read before. Lanagan uses a unique tone, inventive names, and a tragic story to create worlds so intense and real it is hard not to be swept up by their magic.
If you are going to read this book, be prepared for intensity. Morsels is not a fun, sunny read. Again, it is hard to describe accurately, but I must say I would give it 5 stars just for being so, well, original. You read books about magic and tragedies all the time, but they are seem very shallow next to a book like Tender Morsels. All together a very unique, exceptional read.
Only recommended to mature readers. Mature.


  1. hmmm sounds very intriguing! :D

  2. I know what you mean about this one! I can appreciate the writing...woo, boy, can I appreciate the writing. But the story as a whole? Hmmm.


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