First Blog! An explanation...

Well, after days of trying to think of a name that was available, I came up with this. So, you're probably thinking, Okay, Emily has become a sailor. I can deal with that.
Well, to put your worries at ease, I have not become a sailor. Rather, I have written about one. Yes, I wrote a short story about a sailor (actually a fisherman, but hey, its kind of the same thing), and that is what inspired the blog name.
So not that it matters, because you shouldn't judge someone by their blog name anyway, right? (eyebrow raise). Right.
So, hopefully I'll keep up with this blogging thing, we'll see how it goes.
Bear with me ;)


  1. WAHOOO!!!! Post your fisherman story!! ;)

  2. I sort of did judge you by your blog name--and I'm a little bias towards you for it. :-) You should become a sailor, though, it's awesome!


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